Materials: individually chosen for your application

We specialise with application-optimised standard alloys. In order to achieve an optimal composition, commercial alloys are subjected to a targeted melting treatment.

At the present, the following alloys are in use in our foundry:

» AlSi9Cu3
» AlSi12CuNiMg

Further alloys are possible.


Design and 3D Calculation

Our many years of experience in casting technology of components means an advantage in lightweight design. The design takes place in-house or in cooperation with external designers. The requirements of the customers are thus fully implemented.


Suitable casting processes for highest demands

With suitable casting processes, we produce light, thin-walled castings that fulfil their requirements of precision, accuracy and performance.

We inspect the desired components in both the low pressure die casting as well as in gravity die casting and will advise you of our results for the decision of the most suitable process.

Filling and solidification simulation

The quality comes from the casting process

We have been working with filling and solidification simulation from Magma Soft since 1996. The know-how flows permanently from production into simulation. Therefore, the simulation results are of the highest accuracy.
The combination of wall thickness, temperature, casting speed, turbulence and solidification times can be simulated and have a virtual influence on the geometry and the later results in the quality of the components.