Core production

Weight-optimised components with sand core

In order to meet the requirements of customers as regards weight reduction, hollow cast components can be produced using sand cores.

In addition, casting optimisation can also flow into the sand core.

Procedures used at CSA:
» Hotbox
» Coldbox




Specialised in aluminium low pressure die casting

Aluminium has been cast in Herzogenburg for the past 60 years. Especially since the extension of the light metal foundry in the 90s with the entry into the production of Wheel carriers  and knuckles, our company has advanced step-by-step to become one of the leading specialists in the gravity and low pressure die casting processes.

Characteristics that can be achieved:
strength, ductility, accuracy, high-grade surfaces and surface quality and also welding and heat treatment capabilities.

With 8 low pressure die casting machines and 1 permanent mold machines with each 8-cavity, the associated equipment and the will to invest we can achieve a cost-optimised solution based on casting and its requirements.


Deburring with a high degree of automation

Most modern raw casting processing cells generate short cycling times and a precise result in the deburring of our castings. Our expertise, experience and plant equipment in the after-processing of castings allow high production volumes with short cycling times in corresponding quality.


Checking with the most modern X-ray machines

We possess most modern testing processes in order to ensure the highest production quality. Our cast parts are checked for the smallest deviations or quality faults by means of 6 X-ray machines with automatic picture evaluation and 4 manual X-ray machines. In this way we can ensure the high quality requirements that are made, especially in the automobile supply industry to the fullest satisfaction of our customers.

Thus the current demands of the ASTM standards are fulfilled.

Crack inspection for aluminium castings

Crack inspection for aluminium castings

A penetration crack inspection process is usually carried out for safety components, after the heat treatment process. CSA Herzogenburg possesses 2 state of the technology crack testing machines that ensure the safety and quality standards of our customers.

Heat treatment

Optimising the component properties by means of heat treatment

With the use of heat treatment the mechanical properties of aluminium alloys are optimised especially as regards yield strength, tensile strength and elongation.

With the use of suitable heat treatment procedures we ensure the required material properties of our aluminium castings and can generate the maximum possible properties from the characteristics of the alloys used.


Machining of the casting components

We can cover many customer requirements with the use of a series of efficient processing technologies. The machining of our castings forms an important part of our overall added value chain.

In this, we make use of single and duplex spindle machines as well as special machines.

These machines can represent different accuracy classes and round out our range in respect of quality requirements of our customers.


Assembly works for aluminium casting components that are suitable for building in

The production of components suitable for building-in permits a series of assembling performances for which we are very well equipped. In addition to our assembly work we also offer the acquisition of add-on parts.